Ergonomic Program Development
Customized Training Sessions
Furniture and Chair Assessment

A multi-disciplinary team working toward the goal of safety and productivity benefits any company, large or small.  Golden Ergonomics will help establish, or align with your current group, to ensure that the members of your team work to maximize workplace safety and minimize costs related to injuries. Learn more

Golden Ergonomics offers a wide variety of training sessions from small group education sessions perfect for busy supervisors, to department specific body mechanics training that includes a stretching program tailored to their unique work demands. Each session is customized to your needs and the target audience. Learn more  

Do you have a hodgepodge of furniture and chairs, or complaints that chairs “just aren’t comfortable?” Golden Ergonomics will assess your current furniture and chairs and provide cost-effective recommendations for both immediate action and future planning. Learn more  

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Ergonomic Product Standards

Just because a product is labeled “ergonomic” doesn’t mean it is the right fit for your employee.  Ergonomics is individual, and while many employees might be comfortable with the “average” equipment, it is important to know who can benefit from other options. This is especially helpful when fitting employees who lie outside the average. Golden Ergonomics will guide you in this process and assist you in making cost-effective purchases. 

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Workspace Design Review

As an independent consultant, Golden Ergonomics provides an unbiased review of proposed plans and equipment that a furniture vendor is recommending.  It is most efficient and cost-effective to include this service at the beginning of a project to ensure that functionality of design is a top consideration and unnecessary add-ons are avoided. Learn more

Safe Patient Movement Assessment

Healthcare workers are at unique risk and are consistently ranked at the top of occupations that suffer work-related injuries. Golden Ergonomics has experience in a variety of clinical settings and will work with you to identify patient movement hazards and create a comprehensive plan to decrease risk of injury of your employees while also improving patient safety and experience. Learn more